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RS 12

RS 12

Oberthur Cash Protection
CIT Range: RS12

RS12 range, by far the most advanced Intelligent Cash Protection system on the market, incorporates our patented ink staining system to give an unequalled level of security to cash whilst in transit or in storage.

Intelligent & Flexible

Each RS12 is a unique intelligent container that can only be accessed under secure conditions and subject to security procedures at the Bank premises or cash centre. Flexible, the whole End-to-End operation can be easily adapted to any CIT.

Fast & Effective

RS12 is a low weight system that is comfortable with its robust rollers and uncomplicated for the guard to operate. Designed to protect against any type of attack thanks to its multiple sensors, RS12 will degrade even plastic-wrapped cash with ink traceable elements and incorporates all the known degradation standards in Europe.

Thus it will ensure maximum protection and reduce risks in case of cash being stolen. Compliant with the highest standards of the industry: we guarantee a staining coverage of 20% of the surface on 100% of the banknotes.

Diversified product range applicable to a wide range of uses

RS12 is a part of unique and flexible RS product range which shares inter-operable accessories across different systems and processes, allowing customers to carry out cash service, collect, and ATM replenishment with equipment of a single product range.

RS12 range comes with large number of optional accessories and tools, which makes it easy to integrate it into existing customer processes.

RS12 can be equipped with GPS/GPRS modular communications that provide customers the freedom and flexibility to track their containers via a secure internet access.

Benefits for CIT companies

                Largest commercially available cash box on the market (up to 12,000 banknote capacity).
                Reduction of risk (reduces attacks over time)
                Reduction of cost (financial cost of attacks)
                Improved operational efficiency
                Reduces / Eliminates internal theft
                Secure access control – guard cannot open boxes.
                Wireless security
                Multiple use of boxes (Residential safe / secure movement)


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