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ATV range has been developed for markets with a need for highly secure and sophisticated end-to-end cash protection solution. It is perfect for large volume cash operations and allows very fast and efficient handling through all the cash cycle. It offers an exceptional flexibility in managing different applications and processes.

The core of the system, ATV container, has capacity of up to 3 000 banknotes and it's very light and compact, extremely ergonomic and easy to use. Over 50,000 ATVs are protecting billions of banknotes all over the world every day. Unique security level of protection provided by ATV is recognised by well-respected test laboratories: ANPI (Belgium) and CNPP (France).

Main features of ATV range are:

  • Light, compact and ergonomic. 
  • Effective automated processes with fast container programming and loading. 
  • Fully end to end. 
  • Maintenance free for 4 years. 
  • Highly industrialized product.

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