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LEM Protection

LEM Protection


Protection is made of austenitic inox steel in order to contrast both mechanical attacks and oxyacetylic flame.

This structure is anchored very well on the ATM safe’s bottom.

To reach cassettes you need to open a changeable key mechanical lock or (optional) an electronic lock controlled by the same keyboard for ATM door opening – Hal 600  – so that when digital combination is right also the cassettes  protection lock is open. 

When you open the lock, you can also unblock, through an appropriate knob, the holding bolts that allow cassettes protection to turn over – blue part 

Mechanical resistance of the turning over part is very strong. It protects both the front and the sides of cassettes in order to not allow the access from the lateral part.

It can be installed on every model with 2 cassettes + staining device or 3 cassettes without staining device.




Device to be placed inside the ATM, in front of money store cassette and fixed on safe’s bottom.

In case of forced ATM door opening, it prevents money store cassettes extraction from their place.

It protects money store cassettes front, sides and bottom, even in case of free lateral spaces.

It’s built in austenitic steel entirely.

Turning over part is strongly anchored on the base through robust hinges.

You can open through changeable type security key or motorized electric lock together with Hal 600 electronic combination.

It’s further deterrent in addition to anti gas “Tutor” system made to prevent ATM attacks through explosive gas.

 It doesn’t modify measures for ATM installation.



Protections have been tested by exploding an ATM through explosive gas.

The door were taken off from the safe but cassettes protection remained closed.

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