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Anti skimming device

The Anti Skimming Device provides proactive threat detection to counter fraud and data theft at the ATM. The device has several methods of detection:

  • Jamming Technology: The device creates an electromagnetic field to prevent the Skimming Device from being able to
    record the Customer Data held within the magnetic strip on the Customer Card.

  • Metal Detection: This primary method of detection uses a bespoke metal detection coil and aims to detect the presence of a metallic read head, battery, memory card or control electronics (like those found in a skimming device). The Anti Skimming Device will look for a constant threat at the ATM (Timing adjustable in firmware) before triggering an alarm.

  • Cash Trapping: To detect Cash Entrapment threats at the cash dispenser shutter for Wincor ATM’s.

  • Drilling Detection: Strategically positioned sensors placed internally on the fascia. The Anti Skimming device detects drilling attacks where the criminal attempt to gain access to the ATM Hardware and allow them to place discrete data capture devices
    on the Card Reader. Penetration mats are used as opposed to vibration sensors to alleviate false negatives associated with traffic noise.

  • Card Entrapment: The Anti Skimming device monitors the card reader aperture for the introduction of malicious hardware, i.e.: Lebanese Loop. The system will detect the introduction of any material, including non metals into the card reader aperture.

The Anti Skimming device also offers several methods of alarm,
reporting, interface options

  • SSTS active: Using the existing Silent alarm connection on the Misc I/F PCB, the Anti Skimming device will raise the alarm following the pre determined trigger time. This will be reported via GASPER/Base 24, or similar, to the monitoring team.

  • Alarm Panel Contact: Utilising the dry contact relay within the device, a connection can be made to the ATM room alarm panel. The Anti Skimming device will raise the alarm following the pre determined trigger time.This will then be reported to the Alarm monitoring team.

  • ATM Out of Service: The option to take the ATM out of service on alarm. Connection options include mode switch, safe/cabinet door.

  • SMS Alert: Real-time SMS alerts sent via SMS server.

  • RS232 Communication: Ability to send event reporting messages in real time to a local PC or host.

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